Fest it Up

before the summer ends!!!

I'm super super super excited because i am going to fyf fest this saturday! In honor of this todays song is....

MUSIC: Abducted by Cults (who, yes, are going to be at fyf, including Soft Pack!!! eek, i saw cults open for the morning benders a while ago, before they were bigish, and they were pretty good, but not as good as Twin Sisters who also opened....)

Anyway back to the fashion......

What I Wore:

BOB DYLAN top: UO $14
Vest: F21 $17
Pants: Gap $10
Shoes: Target $30

Notice the poses in which i show off my nails.... Yeah. I kinda spent waaaay to much on nail polish. More then a normal person should.... BUT LOOK AT THE PRETTY COLORS!

In other news.... I am designing/making a dress. More info in future posts to come.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has... more inspiring pictures. I hope once school starts up again i'll get more inspired to write about actual topics again. For now though.....


  1. nice t-shirt! i love bob dylan!
    luke pritchard is the perfect man hahah
    I listen the same kind of music (bands) as you :)


  2. your shirt and your boots are amazing!


  3. amazung pics


  4. i like your vest!!! and good luck on your dress!! look forward to it!!

  5. Loooving the outfit!! The shirt is awesome! and great collection of photos!


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