Having a Wonderful Time

Music: Thump Thump Thump by Nat and Alex Wolf (remember them??? google em :)

What I wore:

OH! Hey its those jeans again!
Top: Lucky Brand $14
Shoes (aaaaahhhh i love these so much): Fossil $20

The color in these pictures came out weird. Sorry!

Just did a Salvation Army run and got....WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES! but for very cheap! everything half off! yay! I took four days off of work also, and so far have went to disneyland, an outlet mall, and long beach. Tomorrow i think i'm just gonna chill though! OH! and also i got my schedule for next year! super excited! Well....as excited as i can be for starting school again. I have almost everycalls with one of my really close friends! Except for english. One day i have all of my classes with my friend Rhiannon! so thats exciting! I'm not as stressed for this upcoming year because of that. I always stress over going into a new classroom and who i'm going to sit by and where and who is in my class. So i'm happy that i only have to do that in one class :) But yeah.... i am soooo not ready for school to start!!!! I feel like, besides this one week, i havent done anything summery besides working! Bleeeh. I will say this though, it will be nice to have another life besides working at ralphs, even if that is going to school.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has inspirational pictures with inspirational words because, like always, i'm too lazy to put any thought into anything anymore :)


  1. Nice photos! I really like your jeans! :)

  2. Love your shoes!




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