Watching The Sandlot

Music: Moth's Wings by Passion Pit

My favorite part of the movie is when smalls is asking everyone to help the doggy when the fence crushes him :) and then the dog starts licking him after everyone thinks hes gonna kill em.

awwwwww such a good movie.

Whate I wore:

Top: Roxy $?
Jeans: Urban $20?
shoes: target $6

Top: forever21 $17
Jeans: Urban
shoes: Salvation $3
watch: Walmart $7

Just picked up my registration packet for next year. Ahhhh school is actually going to start soon :( But i'm going to be a senior which is very exciting. One more year and then I'm off to long beach. Scary man! By this time in the summer i usually start thinking about next year and my expectations for it. I will lead this into my balloon.....

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has expectations. Watch as it floats up and up, so high that you cant even reach it. Expectations are just that, sometimes you set them so high that there is just no way you could ever reach them. And why should you have to? Especially if they're someone elses. I decided i would make only one expectation for this upcoming school year.

Have Fun.

Everyone says that these are the best years of my life. And this time next year i'll be gearing up to go to college. So in my last year of high school i just want to have fun. I think thats a managable task too.  Thanks for reading <3


  1. i love your red bag! it's so lovely!


  2. definetely i prefer the second one, these top and shoes made me fall in love!(JUST 3 $???)



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