Music: Weightless by Natasha Bedingfield

What I Wore:

Top: Marshalls $11
Skirt: Salvation Army $3
Sandals: Ross $16

I tend to dance around when I take pictures in my yard so its always a little awkward because i live in an apartment complex so theres apartments around me and someone elses balcony over me, and sometimes i wonder if anybody is looking at me wondering "who is that girl randomly dancing by herself?" Hehe, aw well.
Sorry for the lack of posts also, my life has been CRAZY.
I got a job at Ralphs and have been working.... alot.
Also there has been a lot of family stuff going on. So. Well, this post is dedicated to my Aunt Sandy.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has Sandra. You are in all of your family and friends hearts and i hope that where you are now you are happy. In the last moments you were alive it did not seem as if you were living. You are a beautiful woman with an amazing heart and while cancer may have gotten the better of all of us, your memory of who you were before cancer will always live longer. And even though i only knew you for a short while, the impression you left on me was a great one. You were a wonderful mother, a great sister and friend to my mother, and an amazing person. I love you.

Rest in Peace <3


  1. Really great top!!

    Kisses Anne


  2. your top is AMAZING!!! love it love it love it. perfect with black maxi skirt n sandals!

    and i'm sorry about your aunt sandy, i hope you are doing fine. cancer really really sucks big time, that's why i do relay for life every year!
    at least you have memories <3 :)


  3. Lovely top and sandals!
    I'm sorry for what happened :(

  4. great outfit !
    love ur top and gladiator sandals :)


  5. AMazing outfit and pictures! Hope you are fine, I'm soo sorry!!

  6. so cute! LOVE IT :)



  7. i'm terribly sorry about your loss.

    but i love your top :)

  8. Hi I'm here again :)
    Beautifull top and amazing last pic!!
    I invite you to see again my blog:
    I WON THE FIRST PRIZE! Competition for one of the best Masters of Photography in Spain. I invite you to see the pics and my new art exhibition in Spain!!

  9. love that top, it's got such character!


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