Life Goes On

by Noah and the Whale

What i wore:

1: Top/leotard: discount dance $13
skirt: Tj max
flannel: pac sun
shoes: target

2: Top: Forever 21 $20ish
skirt: salvation army $3
shoes: Fossil $20

Sorry for the overload of pictures :)

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has life. Everyone says "life goes on" and it wasnt untill yesterday that i really thought... what if it doesnt? What if today i die. Then what? I'm gone? Its kind of scary. I guess we just have to live our life to the fullest because one day we'll be gone. And that totally sucks, but at least wherever we end up (heaven, hell, a totally different planet, or just a random soul wandering around the earth) we can look back and not regret the life we lived. So i guess what i'm saying is.... sometimes life doesnt go on but while it does just live everything all the time. Take risks. Yell at the top of your lungs. Run around. Jump. And enjoy every single day you have on this earth because in one moment it could be gone. <3 Thanks for reading.


  1. Love the maxi skirt!


  2. I like the second outfit!
    But the most i like, the prices! How do you do?

  3. i love your style! :)

    join my giveaway!

  4. like the layering in your first outfit - the plaid looks great with the stripes!

  5. OOh I love that you have done two outfits!! Soo cute, love them! Awesome jumping shots!! Nice layering too!

  6. loving the grey boots

  7. so cute


  8. You look SO adorable. Your photos have a lot of energy in them - I looove it.

    And damn. We always forget how precious life is. Scary, scary thought...


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