Having a Wonderful Time

Music: Thump Thump Thump by Nat and Alex Wolf (remember them??? google em :)

What I wore:

OH! Hey its those jeans again!
Top: Lucky Brand $14
Shoes (aaaaahhhh i love these so much): Fossil $20

The color in these pictures came out weird. Sorry!

Just did a Salvation Army run and got....WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES! but for very cheap! everything half off! yay! I took four days off of work also, and so far have went to disneyland, an outlet mall, and long beach. Tomorrow i think i'm just gonna chill though! OH! and also i got my schedule for next year! super excited! Well....as excited as i can be for starting school again. I have almost everycalls with one of my really close friends! Except for english. One day i have all of my classes with my friend Rhiannon! so thats exciting! I'm not as stressed for this upcoming year because of that. I always stress over going into a new classroom and who i'm going to sit by and where and who is in my class. So i'm happy that i only have to do that in one class :) But yeah.... i am soooo not ready for school to start!!!! I feel like, besides this one week, i havent done anything summery besides working! Bleeeh. I will say this though, it will be nice to have another life besides working at ralphs, even if that is going to school.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has inspirational pictures with inspirational words because, like always, i'm too lazy to put any thought into anything anymore :)


Watching The Sandlot

Music: Moth's Wings by Passion Pit

My favorite part of the movie is when smalls is asking everyone to help the doggy when the fence crushes him :) and then the dog starts licking him after everyone thinks hes gonna kill em.

awwwwww such a good movie.

Whate I wore:

Top: Roxy $?
Jeans: Urban $20?
shoes: target $6

Top: forever21 $17
Jeans: Urban
shoes: Salvation $3
watch: Walmart $7

Just picked up my registration packet for next year. Ahhhh school is actually going to start soon :( But i'm going to be a senior which is very exciting. One more year and then I'm off to long beach. Scary man! By this time in the summer i usually start thinking about next year and my expectations for it. I will lead this into my balloon.....

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has expectations. Watch as it floats up and up, so high that you cant even reach it. Expectations are just that, sometimes you set them so high that there is just no way you could ever reach them. And why should you have to? Especially if they're someone elses. I decided i would make only one expectation for this upcoming school year.

Have Fun.

Everyone says that these are the best years of my life. And this time next year i'll be gearing up to go to college. So in my last year of high school i just want to have fun. I think thats a managable task too.  Thanks for reading <3