1960's Metaphor

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Hey! So i got my computer fixed! Yay! so now i can post more often! but sadly my camera died and all i am left with is my webcam. sad face. I havent been taking photos of what i have been wearing but i will make sure to start again! All i have is this one:

Its just a huge white mens shirt (came in a pack for $5) black tights: drug store, jacket: wet seal $30 or something.....

For dance i was in i had to tease my hair because i was a lion. So i did that again to my hair and took some pictures

It was a lot bigger for the show

And moving on......

Into fashion.....

For dance again we had to do a decades project and our group got 60's. When i was researching i came across some pretty swell pictures.

I just love so deeply the fashion of the 1960's. Hehe. It was just so....classic and amazing you know? anyway. The first picture demonstrates modernists of the time. Those who kept up with the time...in fashion anyway. The 2nd from the left is wearing a dress that looks exactly like a dress i have. Or i guess it would be the other way around. anyway look in my past posts to find it. The next three pictures show Mary Quants mini skirt and dresses that first came out during the time. Love love love. And the last is an ad from Emilio Pucci. The color is amazing.

Quote it: "Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space." -Orson Scott Card

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has metaphors. It describes its journey up to the sky with comparisons of two unlike things. Here is the thing. I am at a loss of metaphor. Today in class my teacher said prepare a metaphor for next time comparing life to something. I have no clue. I began to think of a box of chocolates when he said "and dont use life is a box of chocolates". Crap. Now what? So to start. I will ask if you could please help me think of something to use! i have to write a whole poem on it next class. Next, I began thinking of metaphors in its dictionary definition. Two things that are not alike in most ways but similar in others. It slightly reminds me of people. We are all different but share some key interests with others. Not just people though, everything. Everything can be classified as similar to something else in some way. So .... Life is a metaphor. Do you think he would accept that? <3 Thanks for reading


  1. hehehehe love yrrr photos! ha the hair from the show.. whatta cutie!
    and those 60's pictures hahah


  2. Huge white men's shirt $5 love a bargain! My camera is in repair too cant wait to get it back

  3. you are a doll and yoiur hair is gorgeous!!

  4. Life is indeed a metaphor... I believe your teacher will accept that.

    1960's is a great year, glad you got that era. It's fun to dress up for that era.

    I think I will buy those men's shirts now. You look fabulous! xoxo


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