You're Beautiful Its True

Music: Those to Come by The Shins

some doodles i did the other day. No explanation really :P

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has beauty. Everyone stares as it rises to the perfection of the sky painted in blue with white brush strokes  spread neatly across. I think that beauty changes with the trends of the time. But thats only the idea of beauty. In reality everyone is beautiful. What i mean by this is that at some point in your life you will find someone that you just think is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Not by definition, not by the trend, just by how you feel. Also, you will see that someone, whomever it may be, will think you are beautiful. Someone will. So in times you feel like you aren't or someone leads you to believe you are not, just remember that in the path your life takes you,  you will come across somebody that will find you the most beautifully attractive person. That alone should get through each day. And if it doesnt just go outside your door or open your curtains and look out the window and see all the beauty the day brought; the sky, the moon, the sun, or even just the air that surrounds you. Hehe this has been moving.... <3 Thanks for reading!


  1. OMYGOWSHHHH those are prettayy!!
    i love the second drawing to the left.. great!!
    and yes.. the test is OVER! don't worry about yours.. seriously... just relax... it works!


  2. Gorgeous illustrations. I remember doing these in fashion class. I miss it!

  3. Beautiful sketches!


  4. i like these drawings. especially number 2 how its one shoulder and a boob tube is shown its cool


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