Hey lovely people! Merry Spring and lots and lots of x's and o's!
Haven't posted in what? since around Valentines day? and it wasnt even a proper post, so lets get this going shall we?

Music: Just like Heaven- the cure

What i wore:

(Dont pay attention to the dates my cameras stupid)

Orange top: $free Peoples Liberation, black belt: $10 Vans, boots: $5 Urban, necklace: wal-mart $5, backpack: wal-mart (5th grade yo) white dress: $9? Ross

I am thinking about changing the look of this blog maybe? Yes,  i think i am. Probably just going to go with something simpler, like plain white. I'm not sure yet, but if you have come across it and it is different, well, then i've changed it :D 

Now for the inspirational part....

Quote of the post: "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes"  Oscar Wilde

Experience is the knowledge you get after you do something. Something meaning anything. After making the biggest mistake of your life or doing the thing that once flat out scared you to tears. Something as in the stupidest, most irresponsible thing or the greatest, most magical time that you will forever tell everyone you meet about. Experience is that thing you put on a job application, and the stories you choose not to write down but keep in your heart.  There is experience, and then there are experiences. Both entirely different words. Experience meaning you could do the same thing again, because you have done it before. And experiences meaning the times that made you laugh, cry, fall down, and just wish would stay the same forever.
Ps. I've decided to put messages i've previously written for my story,  into my post. Also i will probably be posting things that will later go into my story. Just thought you should be aware of that:
<3 Thanx for Reading! 


  1. YESSSS i loved this outfit haha
    the cardi is so cute!!

    you finally posted again!
    keep it up :)

    +++enter my giveaway!

  2. i absolutely love your outfit and style. funny thing is, i was looking at volcom's line.. "whatever happened to melody malone?" well, i came across your blog for some reason. you seem like a really cool, upbeat girl. and i love your blog! i actually just got started on mine!


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