Hey guys! i know i havent  posted in a while but my computer has a virus and is being really stupid! so  i just am on a computer for a sec. to say that i plan to post some good stuff soon! Hope you havent completely given up on me and stopped reading! Love you all :D <3 Thanx for reading!


  1. get back to posting girl!!
    hope yr omputer is gettin' betterr!haha


  2. hey, in kno this is kinda weird but yeah im darby i have a fashion blog to but yours is very cool i love the title mines called the story of jane if u wanna check it out, i just thought id share we have the same fav books and movies and age and interests creepy right well keep up the coolness!1


Hi! Thanx for commenting! i really enjoy hearing what you have to say!
Its what keeps me posting :D