Music: Wallflower by Priscilla Ahn (for my dance final we had to think up a concept for a dance and i used this song! I just love it soo much, it basically describes how i feel almost all the time :)

Top: Converse One star for target
Shorts: H&M $5
Socks: CVS
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Bracelet: H&M $1
Rings: Forever 21 $3

Its summer!!!! i"m so excited! Yay no more school! Oh and i got a job at Ralphs! I know thats really random but I'm excited because i really need monay!!!Plus I swore to myself i wouldn't get a retail job ever agail. Lets hope i keep that promise.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has summer. It seems fitting. Summer to me is a time to get myself together. Take a few breaths and not worry about assignments and getting to bed on time or waking up on time. Its a time where i can figure out my life. I can wear whatever i want without having to worry about kids at schoo. To me summer is a time to work out what I want to do next year. Its a new beginning! Thats why i love summer!


Almost there summer.....

MUSIC: The Ballad of Paul and Sheila by Mason Jennings

What I Wore:

Maxi Dress: H&M $7
Top: H&M $? 7 or 10 maybe 5
Shoes: Target $24
Ring: Forever 21 $3

ahhhh so much is going on right now! Finals! eeep and then summer! yuss.  Just had my dance show this weekend! so fun but scary! I had so many costume changes, in one dance i actually went on stage with my ballet dress on backwards!!! i only had a dance to change!!!!!

So i need to study for my finals so im gonna keep this short!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon hassome picturessss 


Oh My God

MuSic: Oh My God by Ida Maria

What I wore:

Top: Urban Outfitters $10
Pants: BB Dakota
Shoes: Target $24

So many projects due!! Schools almost over though!!! Super excited :) 2 more weeks.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has fun. It floats up to the sky laughing and smiling. I love having fun. Who doesnt though? It seems like when you are with the right people at the right time fun follows without you having to think about it. When i'm with my friends, even if we are bored, it seems like we always somehow find a way to have fun. Thats why i'm looking forward to summer! The perfect time to have fun! While jobs, homework, and chores are important to life and all that, sometimes its okay to have a little fun! Have fun guys! Thanks for reading <3


Dresses make me smile :)

Music: Alex Wolff (from the naked brothers band! Do you remember them and thier nick show????? Yeah well i love his voice now!!!!!! hes such a cutie) doing a cover of Horchata by Vampire Weekend

What I Wore Tuesday:

What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Today:

Dress: Friend $freee
socks: Dance $?
Oxfords: Urban Outfitters $15
Brief case/bag/thingy: Salvation Army $1.89

Dress: Target $12?
Oxfords: Urban

Dress: Urban $10
Boots: Fossil

Monday my friend and i went to salvation army to find a typewriter when we came across this and another camera. This one is just a cheapy camera but i still like it. I love the idea of putting film in a camera and not knowing what it's going to look like when you take a picture untill you develop it. There was another, really really old, video camera that you had to wind in order to make it work. It was really really cool! We went there without any money, however, so we hid these items and an old typewriter underneath a shelf to come back on tuesday. When we went back everything was put back in the right place but were able to find everything except the old wind up video camera! It made us sad!!!!

I also found this case there for $1.89, which is a steal!!! Inside it had a plastic filling for you to put your cassette tapes in. I took it out and attatched the strap of my old purse that broke to it. And there you have my new bag.  Its kind of awk though, because everytime i want to take something out of my bag i have to put it on the table and open it up like a brief case. :)

My Floating Balloon:

I've been reading Just Kids by Patti Smith lately. Its really good too! Its the story of her and Robert Mapplethorpe. I havent had a lot of time to read but I cant wait to go deeper into it! I have to return some books to the library today so i plan on getting Chronicles Volume 1 by Bob Dylan. That should be a good read as well.
I always forget how much i love to read. I always get so busy i never find the time but when i do it just feels so right. I also love the library. It just feels so amazing to go into a place filled floor to ceiling with books by people who are alive and people who are dead, stories that are true and some that arent. I don't know. And to me its better than a book store. The books have memories, fingerprints of people who lived years before you. Its just soooo cool!

Anyway. Thanks for Reading <3