Oh My God

MuSic: Oh My God by Ida Maria

What I wore:

Top: Urban Outfitters $10
Pants: BB Dakota
Shoes: Target $24

So many projects due!! Schools almost over though!!! Super excited :) 2 more weeks.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has fun. It floats up to the sky laughing and smiling. I love having fun. Who doesnt though? It seems like when you are with the right people at the right time fun follows without you having to think about it. When i'm with my friends, even if we are bored, it seems like we always somehow find a way to have fun. Thats why i'm looking forward to summer! The perfect time to have fun! While jobs, homework, and chores are important to life and all that, sometimes its okay to have a little fun! Have fun guys! Thanks for reading <3


  1. You are sooo cute! I looove the shoes!

  2. Lovely pictures.

    Follow me and I would follow you back girl.^^



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